Welcome Summer 2014 Candidates!!!

APPLICATIONS DUE  Wednesday April 30, 2014


Hello Summer Staff Applicant!!!

We’re glad you found your way to the Summer staff Application Site.  On this site you’ll find application materials for the Following Positions:

  • Pre-College Resident Advisor
  • Summer Studies Resident Advisor
  • Pre-College Hall Monitor
  • First Impressions Assistant

As well as the Ability to sign up to be a “MOVER and SHAKER” (Formally the Orientation Volunteer) to help the NEW 2014-15 First year students move in, in SEPTEMBER.

If you only want to be a MOVER AND SHAKER you only have to fill out the sign up form you DO NOT need to fill out an application for a position.

Please review ALL of the application material provided, and If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contacting Assistant Director of Residence Education Phil Oliveira at poliveir@risd.edu or by calling 401-454-6653

Who can be apply?

ANY CURRENT full time RISD Student Grad or Undergrad!!!!



SUMMER STAFF Selection 2014 Overview and Timeline


  • Pre College & Summer Studies RA Dates: June 23- August 10, 2014
  • Hall Monitor Employment Dates: June 27- August 9, 2014
  • Pre-College Office Assistant Employment Dates: June 2- August 13,2014 (End Date Negotiable)
  • First Impressions Assistant Employment dates: June 2- September 7,2013


  • April 10-April 30 Applications Open FOR ALL POSITIONS
  • May 2- 14 Summer Staff Interviews
  • Candidates Notified by May 16,2014
  • Candidates Accept their positions by May 19, 2014

*Please note that there are only 4 MALE PC RA positions due to housing set up.

*It is the candidates responsibility to ensure all application materials are complete and submitted on time, LATE or INCOMPLETE applications WILL NOT be considered for a position.